Saturday, 27 February 2016

What's Next? A Year of Breastfeeding.

On the 24/1/2016 marks me exclusively breastfeeding BabyLim for one year. By God's grace, we did it! Exactly one year ago I was struggling with breastfeeding and the one year mark felt impossible to attain so getting here is a HUGE achievement for me and I'm so proud of us. It was a personal decision for us and I decided that it worked best for us given the circumstances. It is certainly a whole new experience for me and in so many ways I am so proud of my body and the way it worked to produce the best for my baby.

I survived the crack nipples, the pain of blocked ducts, the days with little yield, the dream feeding and most recently the biting! But the greatest joy would be having those intimate moments with BabyLim. The gentle caresses of her hand, the feel of her skin on my skin, the way our eyes lock and the smile she will reward me with after a good feed. Those things make everything worth it.

The great: Intimate moments with BabyLim. Knowing my body is producing breast milk that is providing her the protection she needs to be strong, smart and most importantly healthy (read this article!). Instant way to calm BabyLim and give her comfort and security.

The not-so-great: Saggy boobies! and nipple biting (ouchies!) Not being able to be away from BabyLim for more than 4 hours without feeling engorged. No more pretty dresses & rompers that are not breastfeeding friendly. Sleep dependency - she can't sleep without boob which makes my life super difficult. 

So where do we go from here? Initially, I thought of weaning BabyLim since the goal was to breastfeed her till she turned one. However after some research and a chat with our pediatrician, I've decided to extend it till she is two or she weans herself - whichever comes first. Again, this is a personal decision. I did get a few "baby doesn't need your milk anymore" "I only breastfed for 4 months!" "can wean already! Just give formula!" from the older generation. It's damn annoying but at the same time, I'm not going to waste my breath arguing about it. 

It's my decision and some part of me is glad I'm glad I'm extending it. It's my way of holding on to my baby for a bit longer.



  1. Hi i see you wearning pretty dresses in various pictures. (E.g. LittleLim's one year old party) Are they all breastfeeding friendly?

    1. Hi Yeehuai, thank you! Unfortunately they are not :( I am still on the lookout for pretty nursing wear and if I do find it, I'll let you know! As for these dresses I was brave enough to wear them because LittleLim was already feeding once every 4 - 5 hours which meant I could party and get back in time for her next feed. haha. If you know of any pretty nursing wear, do let me know too!