Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Lim's Christmas 2015

Lim's Christmas 2015 - BabyLim's First Christmas!

Completely forgot to blog about BabyLim's first Christmas *oops*

2015 is a special year for us as we had our firstborn in January and in December she's 11 months and able to join in the Christmas fun! It's a very special time for us because Christmas is one of the happiest times of the year. I think the most excited person was Hubbycat who wanted to show BabyLim what it is like to celebrate Christmas Daddy-style! And daddy-style usually means going all out on food! And all out we did go!

We invited Hubbycat's family over since my dad was in Melbourne for Christmas this year and had to miss it. It was also perfect timing because Hubbycat's grandma (BabyLim's greatgrandma) is in town as well! It was really festive and I really enjoyed family over. We ordered our Christmas feast from Ben's and it wasn't a letdown! Everything was amazing, portions were wonderful and cooked beautifully. 

To make the atmosphere more festive, I did a last minute "Merry Christmas" bunting and threw in some white and red pompom for that extra cheer. It did make a difference and I really liked how it ended up being the photowall as well. Everything was perfect and I dare say BabyLim had fun seeing how she enjoyed ripping the wrapping paper and attacking all the presents under the tree with cheer. 

But most of all I'm glad she managed to taste Christmas and have family around. After all Christmas is best shared with love and cheer. 


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