Thursday, 4 February 2016

BabyLim is One - Cake Smash!

As I type this, I'm still in a little disbelieve that my firstborn just turned ONE a few days ago. It feels like yesterday that she was placed in my arms after 5 hours of labor all sticky and loud. Today she's ONE, heavier, taller, standing, walking AND full of character, personality and life. So much reason to celebrate this little one, how she entered our lives and changed us completely.

To start off the celebration weekend (YES! Weekend of partying for this little lady) I gathered help from the village aunties (haha!) and decided to do a cake smash session. This almost didn't happen and these photos would never have existed if it's not for mom Ange who told me it was something I had to do (THANK YOU!). Looking at these photographs, she is right and I'm so glad I did it! These photos are so priceless and most importantly I will have them forever. 

Like always, Jazs did an amazing job with the photographs and I'm so thankful I had Yan to help me behind the scenes. This is NOT a one woman job. Seriously! I totally did not expect the amount of manual labor from picking up a squirmy cake covered baby and putting her back in place and I totally underestimated the MESS this small session could cake up.

MAKE SURE YOU LINE THE PLACE PROPERLY! (Cause getting cake stains off isn't so simple)
GET A TOWEL - to wrap a cake stained baby so you don't leave a trail of cake crumbs >.<
HAVE FUN! After all baby only turns one once - just smile through the mess, smile through. LOL!
DON'T GET AN EXPENSIVE CAKE - In fact, just put whipcream over a balloon.. they won't know any better. But if you want baby to have a taste of cake, get a proper cake like I did... but really, there's no need for customised cakes unless you're a baker or have sponsors.

Okay, enough chatter. To the pictures!!!

Doing this cake smash made me realise how girly BabyLim is and how dainty she can be. Maybe a little bit of a neat freak like her mommy too (haha!). She initially didn't like the frosting on her fingers and would only use her pointer finger to get a bit of the cream. But once she had her taste of cream AND cake, everything went right out the window as you'll see the wonderful mess she created at the end.



  1. love the pictures!!! i spot her little belly so cute!!

    1. thanks Yin!!! hahah! That belly has grown during CNY >.< hahahaha!