Friday, 15 January 2016

She Smiles, I Melt. She Laughs, I Explode.

BabyLim hardly laughs... or smiles. I bet she takes her daddy's grumpy side (heh!) and it takes a whole village to get a smirk. While most babies started smiling the day they were born (gas or otherwise) this one here only started smiling at 4months. Before that it would be furrow browns and stern lines. It took mommy shaking her butt and doing some weird dance before I got that smile. The day she finally "show face" and gave me that golden smile, I melted. Since then it's been getting easier to get that smile, while most days she's still that little grumpy faced baby she does smile... when she wants to. And when she does, my heart just melts.

Laughing is a WHOLE other story. This one is like getting unicorns and dragons to exist and make love to each other. Even today laughing still takes A LOT of effort and A LOT of trial and error. That is if we both make it to laughing stage without getting frustrated at each other. But the moment she does, it sounds like angels singing. So sweet, so happy, so jolly, so free. She laughs without barriers or holds, when she laughs she puts EVERYTHING into that laugh. It's loud and beautiful. I explode into a million pieces. My heart sings, my soul feels like it's left my body and nothing else matters. Just her and her laugh.

Don't get me wrong, she's not an unhappy baby. On the contrary, I know she's happy. Otherwise she wouldn't be as confident and secure as she is today. I know she feels safe and she knows she's protected and love. It's just that she's selective over who gets those precious smiles and laughs. I noticed that she's more liberal with them around Hubbycat and myself and secretly I am so proud of her. Maybe just a little smug too.

I think it's special and I am too amazed to find that my 11 month old is already bursting with so much personality. I'm having so much fun getting to know her :)


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