Monday, 18 January 2016

Poop makes my day and the things I learnt after having a baby

Becoming a mommy marks the biggest change in my life. There was so much I didn't know and wouldn't have known until I myself became one. There were so many things I wish I knew earlier and if I had I would have certainly treated my mother differently and with so much more respect and gratefulness. Being a mother is no easy feat and it certainly pushes you everyday. I know as a mother it's our job to teach our children, but believe me that as cliche as this sounds, my baby teaches me everyday too. These are some of the things I learnt ever since I became a mom.

1. Poop makes my day

I learnt quickly that you cannot have a baby and not talk about poop. Ask any parent, especially moms and they will tell you how happy they get seeing their child's soiled diaper. Not that we have a poop fetish but it can sometimes be that borderline insane. Poop makes our world go round and one day without poop or one day of "too many" poops scares us. Poop means a happy healthy baby. It's only natural if the first thing they say is "HAS SHE POOPED TODAY?"  

2. You CAN survive ANYTHING

Oh yes we can. 2 hour sleeps become normal. Bleeding breasts no problem. Babies giving us fat lips meh. Not washing our hair for a week so what. 5 minute toilet breaks including number 2 bring it on! We have learnt to adapt (not like we have a choice) to whatever we are given even if it means 5 minutes of pushing EVERYTHING out, we can. Seriously after baby I feel like I'm ready for the apocalypse and survive. Mothers are really tough nails... with soft hearts.  

3. Your Body is Amazing!

Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and everything in between. I will never look at the human body the same way again. For it to provide a safe heaven to a grow a baby, providing the necessary nutrients for its survival to giving our children a emotional security. How miraculous and remarkable. 

4. Babies are Relationship Testers

Never have a baby to fix a relationship. EVER. Stupid movies giving you false truths. If anything having a baby tests your relationship and brings out all the flaws in it. It pushes you to your breaking point and then brings out the worst in you. Only the strong will survive and only real love will prevail. Not just marriages, I'm talking about ALL relationships, even friendships. 

5. You still feel insecure and scared.

I always remember Lois from Malcolm in The Middle eating the spider to prove to her son that it wasn't scary. Mothers were fearless I remember thinking! Until I became a mom and I still hate spiders with a vengeance. I thought being a mom was supposed to make you invincible and confident but it really hasn't. Days where I feel like I'm not doing enough, days when I question my abilities, days where I feel I should have waited till I was a bit more older than 26 to have a child... being a mother didn't take away those feelings. I certainly didn't become perfect the moment I became a mom if that's what you're wondering... but it's okay. I've accepted it and the best thing I can do for myself and my baby is to manage it and try everyday to overcome it.  

6. The word SAFE has a new meaning

I mentioned this in a few posts back. Having a baby brings SAFE a whole new meaning. Babies and their super ability to observe EVERYTHING and find the smallest of spaces and things. That dark corner in your house you think is safe is a potential death zone. That chair that looks so sturdy in the corner with it's magnificent armrests is a bruise waiting to happen on baby's head... oh I can go on and on and on with the possibilities. Suddenly what was safe isn't safe anymore. 

7. How much you can give

My biggest flaw is selfishness. Being a wife challenged that but the biggest change happened when I became a mother. Being a mother forces you to give more than you thought possible. Time, love, support, encouragement, money, food... you sacrifice for your children and you willingly give up your portion for them. Even when they don't appreciate it. But not just that, you also give a whole lot of yourself up through the life lessons you impart to them. The legacy you leave behind begins the moment you become a mother. 

Motherhood is life changing and there were so many things that took me and still takes me by surprise. What are some of the things you didn't know until you became a mom?


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