Thursday, 17 December 2015

Mid Week Update 2

Wednesday, 16 Dec 2015 @ 9.45PM

What a week it has been! It has been full on but so exhilarating. I've gone to full planning mode starting with Christmas 2015 and BabyLim's 1st Birthday Party next month.

Let's start with Christmas! The tree is UP and the house is decorated. It's BabyLim's first Christmas and Hubbycat and I would love BabyLim to have the full experience. Starting with opening presents on Christmas day itself! So much patience needed on mommy's part! haha. Secondly, we have finally placed a booking for our Christmas feast! Looks like we're going to be feasting like Kings and Queens!

BabyLim's birthday! Oh my, is it really coming to a year! How?! It's crazy when I think of the first day she shot out (as daddy swears by it) into our doctor's waiting arms and stole our hearts. How that defenceless little thing has grown up so beautifully. So one year! Gotta make it special. We're still deciding on a lot of things but at least I got the venue booked and caterers and cake settled. I'm so blessed to have crossed paths with so many amazing people who have so generously offered to help with the party! THANK YOU! Still tons to do but it's okay! I'm having too much fun to feel stressed.

On other news, it's getting a bit busy here at home with Hubbycat and I having one too many social obligations. But it's alright, we manage like always. We bond in the car, while cooking, over dinner, in bed... we always make it a point to reconnect no matter how busy life gets. BUT the highlight of the week has got to be BabyLim trying to take her first few unassisted steps yesterday (Tuesday). It's amazing how determined she is as she gets up after ever stumble. I am so so so proud of her!

So there. You can check out my week in more detail through Dayre. Otherwise, hope you're having an equally fun week!


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