Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Stop Saying Sorry!

Baby cries in restaurant - Sorry! Baby cries in plane - Sorry! Baby spits up - Sorry! Baby throws toys - Sorry! Baby refuses food - Sorry! Sorry! Can you please cough somewhere else, my baby hasn't gotten all her shots. Sorry! Is it okay if you refrain from shouting on your phone, my baby is asleep here. 

I seriously don't remember apologising SO MUCH before I was a mom! After being a MOM, I apologise for every single thing. Even when it's not my fault. Sometimes I don't even think about it, and apologise. It didn't bother me until one day while I was having lunch at a restaurant. I was seated beside a couple who I assume is having their first date or somewhere along the lines. It was lunch hour and it was packed. BabyLim was making noise like what babies always do and the noisy ambiance wasn't helping calm the little one. 

I was about to apologise when said couple gave me a dirty look and said somewhere along the lines as "control your baby woman!" and then it hit me as a ton of bricks. Whatever feelings of shame and sorriness went out the window. I turned to them and told them "I'm not sorry my baby is making noise. We have every right to be here just as you. We are paying customers as well. I don't see you eating in silence. So why should we?"

That moment I vowed to never apologise unless it is called for. I'm not sorry my baby is being a baby. I'm not sorry I'm enjoying myself out here in the world with my little one. I'm not sorry she's having fun talking to me with the cutest baby babble and that seems to be annoying you. I'm not sorry she's crying because she doesn't know any other way to communicate with me. I will not stay home and feel ashamed. 

If anything I feel sorry that you don't have an ounce of understanding. I'm sorry you feel the need to judge me and criticise me. I feel sorry that your parents never taught you how to be considerate and tolerant, yup, I blame your parents for your behavior. I'm sorry you forgot that you were once a child as well and would have drove your parents crazy with your crying and whining and yet, they still brought you out and you must have forgotten all those lovely memories made. 

My baby is amazing and she's the best thing in my world. Yes, I agree that some parents are a little inconsiderate and there are times when they should know when it is appropriate and inappropriate to bring a child. But for all other times, I'm not sorry. Especially for the times I have no control over. #sorrynotsorry

Also stop apologising for being a good parents. For telling people to be cautious around your baby, for telling people to watch out. There's nothing wrong with stepping up and there's nothing apologetic about being a GREAT parent who has their child's interest at heart. Stop it! 

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