Friday, 23 October 2015

Passion is not a Thing You Do

I had a very profound conversation with Hubbycat the other day. I love profound conversations. I really do because it's through these conversations I find the answers to hard questions. So I'm going to share it with you.

I was telling Hubbycat about how some people say they are passionate about something like writing, art, dancing and then only to walk away from it or they move on to something else. How then can you be passionate when you're able to give it up or move on so easily. I was reflecting on myself and how I say I'm passionate about SGP and till today I have yet to immerse myself in it. Has the word "passion" been watered down so much like "love" and "hate"? 

This brilliant man I tell you said this to me: 

"Passion isn't thing you do. Passion is a state of being."

What this means is that passion is a characteristic in you that you bring to all the things you do. It's something that makes you, you. It's something that drives you to do the things you say you're "passionate" about. 

Passion isn't an activity and not many of us including myself realises that. As a result we go searching high and low to find that one thing we truly love. We bounce from place to place and activity to activity only to be entranced for a short moment before we realise it's not really what we're looking for. 

Here's the catch, you have to bounce from one thing to the next to figure out your passion. The only way to find it is to find yourself and to find yourself is to live. To experience, to discover and to search. Look back at the things that used to make you happy and find the pattern. 

For me, my passion is being creative. It's making things from nothing. It's telling stories and sharing stories. It's being good at something. It's pushing myself to be great. Which is why I fell in love with figure skating because nothing is more liberating that putting moves to good music. Why I love SGP because I was able to create pictures and tell stories. Why I love parties because I get to use my creativity to create a perfect set up. Creativity is my passion not figure skating or art or writing papers. Creativity is my match that makes all the other things I do awesome. 

So if you're still searching for that something you're passionate about, I'm sorry to say this, you're not going to find it. I can almost guarantee it. At best it will arouse that spark but it will not last unless you realise what it is in you that sparks. Passion is what you bring to the picture and you have to be the one to light it, drive it, move it. 

So stop getting temporary satisfaction and start making permanent ones. What is it inside your soul that makes you excited, hungry, driven?


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