Thursday, 15 October 2015

Love Is...

He loves me. It's easy to say "I love you" or to say that "he / she loves me". But I have learnt that actions always speak louder than words (that being said, hearing "I love you" and saying it back is just as important). It's when you have to put aside your selfishness, pride, patience and everything humanly for the other person is when you realise whether you love the person or if you are loved in return.

In the earlier days of courtship, I used to write down all the things he has done for me so that I will never forget how loved I am. It didn't last very long because life caught up. But the other day I was observing him like I sometimes do quietly in my corner, reflecting on our relationship and I remember thinking to myself "damn, my Hubbycat loves me pretty damn much."

Love is...

when he is happy to see me after a long tiring day and he wants to share his day with me.

when he remember all the tiny details such as the way I eat my nuggets, the way I walk, the way I get excited over certain things.

when he respects me and the things I love even when he doesn't agree or like it. He never resorts to belittling me or the important people in my life no matter how much he may not like them.

when he cleans the house after I complain that it's dirty!

when he tells me to sleep in because and then takes the baby for an extra hour.

when he gets angry on my behalf when people take advantage of me.

when he gets protective over me and worries for my safety.

when he buy me a trolley for my car so I don't have to lug bags of groceries up to our house.

when he surprises me with a new stylus because the one I have is not good enough.

when he makes sure my car always has a full tank of petrol and my tyres are inflated.

when he makes sure I always have money in my purse and tops it up.

when he reminds me to take my vitamins and nags me when I don't.

when he asks me what wrong when I frown at my phone.

when he feels sad when I feel sad and tries to cheer me up again.

when he cooks me dinners when I'm super lazy and when he cooks what I'm craving that day.

when he talks about us, the past, present and future.

when he laughs at my jokes even when they're not funny.

when he treats me like a queen and gives me special treatment compared to his friends.

when he asks for my opinion, what I think and takes them into consideration.

when gets up 3am in the morning or brave traffic jams or drive a distance to pick me up / send me places because I don't want to drive.

when he takes me to run errands, buy groceries, pay bills without complaining.

when he makes an effort to get to know my family and friends and makes an effort to like them and get them to like him because it means a lot to me.

when he fights for me because I'm tired / stuck / frustrated.

when he encourages me and advises me to keep pushing on.

when he tells me I'm the best mom even when I'm feeling like the crappiest mom.

when he tells me I'm beautiful even when I'm sweaty from house work.

when he gives me all his prawns because I like prawns.

when he tells me he wants me to keep him company as he does his errands.

when he takes me as his partner to events and functions and introduce me as his wife.

when he shares his ideas, business plans, work with me and discuss them with me.

when he includes me in his activities and hang outs and asks me if I would like to take part.

when he goes crazy and impulsive with me.

when he tells me to stop being impulsive and brings me back to earth.

when he stops what he's doing to see if I'm alright.

when he tells me to come to bed because he hates being alone.

when he works hard to provide me the best life possible.

when he chooses to fight for us when things are tough and the odds are slim.

when he decided to stick with me even when shit got real.

I know I'm love. Very very loved. I know my family, friends and I are not always the easiest to love but he has done amazingly well at trying. I love him so much for being who he is and his maturity to sacrifice for us. I am a blessed woman. I am able to be the best version of myself because he has given me the best space to grow.

Years ago I told God to protect my heart and send me the right man who will protect my heart as well. He has and this man has always been protecting my heart.