Wednesday, 30 September 2015

A Good Day For Me

Back then before BabyLim came into the picture "A GOOD DAY" consisted of one or all of these.

1. A relaxing morning of coffee and music while I catch up on news / Facebook / magazines & book
2. A whole lot of me time where I reflect about life and write it ALL down on my diary / Dayre / blog
3. Taking my time doing the housework.
4. A nice afternoon shopping for house decor / beddings / Ikea / clothes
5. A coffee date with the bestie / sister / friends
6. A spontaneous movie date with hubby on the weekends / after work
7. Staying up curled under the covers watching movies with Hubbycat and laughing at violent scenes
8. Talking till the sun comes up and then having SO MUCH more to talk about.

Today, "A GOOD DAY" looks so completely different! Now a good day looks like this:

1. BabyLim sleeps at 9.30PM till 11.30AM with ONE milk call at 5AM. Hello 5 hours of straight sleep *hurrah!*
2. 5 hour straight sleeps (duh!) AND mornings to have my coffee and speed read news before she wakes up
3. Getting the laundry / house cleaning / dishes done before she wakes up
4. BabyLim giving me her bright smile when she sees me the first thing in the morning.
5. Rolling around on the bed with BabyLim and just having fun while she crawls and climbs all over me.
6. When BabyLim sticks to her schedules and everything works in perfect harmony (no meltdowns / tantrums).
7. Hubbycat coming home before 8PM so we can watch a 30minute sitcom together.
8. Nights where we go out and eat in peace without having to pacify a screaming baby who finds sitting in a baby chair the worst thing ever.
9. Hubbycat and I staying up till after 11.30PM talking.
10. Walking into the room and being greeted by a mega-watt smile and squeal (even when daddy is carrying her (sorry hubbycat!))

Life has certainly changed. While I do miss pre-baby good days ESPECIALLY the spontaneity and impulsiveness bit, I prefer post-baby good days. They're so much more rewarding and fulfilling. Also, I constantly remind myself that this phase doesn't last very long either. Soon BabyLim will be off to Kindergarten / Pre-School / Primary / Secondary / College / Uni / Married and I'll have so much time I'm going to be the one calling them to talk and then those times will make up my good days then >.< haha!

So now, yes, lacking a lot of me-time and us-time but I'm not going to complain because seeing her face light up when she sees me in the room - that's what it all comes down to. That is all it takes. That will make any horrible day good. I swear.


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