Wednesday, 26 August 2015

#6 Dear Amelia, Always Keep Fighting (But be smart)

Dear Amelia,

Today mommy went "boo!" in front of you and you started crying because it startled you and I begin to realise what a gentle soul you have. Loud noises, rough play, hostile and stressful environments are some triggers that makes you feel scared, anxious and terrified. 

That being said, I always tell myself and people to not mistake that gentleness for weakness or lack of independence because both of that you are not. You are just like mommy and daddy and we acknowledge this because we see us in you - your determination, strong-willed, persistence and confidence. The way you will explore every opportunity to get something you want whether it's a toy, for attention, to get to some place or to stand. The way you make noise and "demand" for that thing you want even when mommy and daddy has moved it out of your sight. You insist we do things your way whether it's how we carry you, how you want to sleep, where you want to sleep... you are a fighter just like us. 

Baby girl, You are a strong and independent woman. There's nothing wrong with that but know that you have a responsibility to yourself to use all your strength and even weaknesses for good. Fight for a good cause, fight for the weak, fight for yourself and your honor and for your family. Don't let people walk over you and take advantage of you, don't lose your principles and believes and remember rule number 1? Always love yourself.  

We are so unbearably proud of you and at the same time we cringe at the thought of all the "yes-no" arguments that are going to happen. But it's okay, we've been in your shoes because we are you, and we know it's not going to be easy to hear the word "NO" but we promise we'll explain it to you and reason with you our thoughts and why we say or do the things we do because you deserve it. 

That being said, always choose your battles wisely. There are some fights that aren't worth fighting for, some relationships that means more than just being right, some things that doesn't always have to go your way. The trick is to find a balance and to work out your priority. There's so little time that to fight everything is too tiring, it's draining. Don't make that mistake. Always ask yourself "is it worth it?" 

We love you our little fighter. 

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