Wednesday, 15 July 2015

You never give up on family.

The struggle of being a parent is real. Everytime I think I have overcome a hurdle I am faced with a harder challenge. The longer I am a parent, the more respect and thankfulness I feel for my own parents. I'll tell you a secret, I pray every night that BabyLim is half the child I am because I don't know how I'll be able to handle her if she was exactly like me. I lack the patience my mother has and determination my father carries. I'm definitely not an easy child. I am (still am) stubborn, strong willed, argumentative, arrogant, loud, independent and a whole lot more. I have had one too many fights with my parents because I wanted to do things my way and only mine. I've thrown the mother of all tantrums and put them in one too many hair pulling situations. I was a tough kid to parent and every time BabyLim gives me a tough time, I think of them and sometimes I just cry because they never gave up on me. 

Funny how it take being a parent to really understand the struggles, the heartbreaks, the fears and worries of raising a child. I'm thankful for the parents and parents-in-laws I have because they taught me one very important lessons in parenting - you never give up on your child. No matter how messed up they become, you do your best to get them back to the straight and narrow. Sometimes all it takes it just knowing you will always have a home to return back to. I hope BabyLim will find that in us, a home to come back to. I pray for the patience, love, courage, determination and forgiveness to deal with my children the right way. Whatever it is, I will always remind myself to never give up on family. 


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