Thursday, 23 July 2015

Speaking Life over my Baby

My parenting style is pretty modern. I love my BabyLim openly. I am not conservative or reserved when it comes to loving my daughter. I kiss and hug her openly in public. I tell her I love her every moment I get when I'm feeding her, in the car or even whispering it to her when I'm queuing up to pay my groceries. I call her beautiful, pretty, cute and adorable. I praise her when she does something good and I focus on her successes when she fails. I comfort her the moment she is in distress and upset. I will openly tell and show the world that I am her mother and that I love her. I have no shame in showing my love for my daughter.

BUT the other day, I was told NOT to praise my daughter and should do the opposite, and if I needed to, I should praise her in secret away from her ears. By praising her too much, my daughter would be more disobedient and difficult in the future. I was also told to keep my distance from her and not run to her when she cries because I am spoiling her by caring too much. 

I was shocked. My mind cannot wrap around the idea of telling my daughter she's a bad girl even when she haven't been bad or telling her she's fat and ugly when she's truly beautiful or calling her a failure even when she has achieved other successes.... I cannot imagine harping on negativity day in and day out and I shudder at that thought of exposing my daughter to such negativity. No child should ever have to go through such things EVER. Of course I was disgusted and I made it clear that I would never put my children in such a situation. 

I have been protecting my daughter from negativity and I will continue to do so. I have always believe that Love begets Love and Hate will birth Hate. I choose to feed life to my children so that they grow up with the ability to love, care, hope and have confidence in themselves. I don't want them to wilt under the pressure of chasing perfection, fear, insecurities and bitterness. I am raising future leaders, dreamers, achievers, wives and husbands, mothers and fathers who are confident and secure of themselves. Who will thrive under the pressures and negativity of the world because their momma have fed them with life and given their emotional bank enough positive deposits. 

I know the power of words. It hurts, drains and worst of all, it leaves horrible scars. You live in fear and insecurity. You live second guessing yourself and the people around you and worst of all, you lose hope and end up being bitter and cynical. I never want that for my children. I want them to bloom into the wonderful people they were meant to be. I will speak life, I choose to speak life. My child is good, my child is beautiful, my child is brilliant, my child is PERFECTLY made.



  1. i believe in positivity too! a child should grow up with positive energy. you are doing great!

    1. Thanks E-Yin :) You're an inspiration <3