Friday, 31 July 2015

Just Me and My Chocolates... at 2AM

2AM. My eyes are a bit heavy, it's my bed time but I refuse to sleep. 

Ever since BabyLim has been STTN (sleeping through the night) I've been dragging my bedtime. I use this time to spend a little Me-time. Reading. Tea. Facebook. Movies. Whatever. 

This is the only time I get to enjoy hours of uninterrupted time to myself, to do anything I want. I don't have to worry about BabyLim waking up to play, to eat or to have her diaper changed. I have the luxury of time to just chill. Even though my eyes are heavy and my brain is exhausted, at least I get to enjoy the silence of the night.

I love BabyLim but after 10 hours of entertaining, putting to sleep, feeding, boobing, rocking, bouncing- it's nice to have both arms free, legs propped up, and silence around. 

Today, I choose chocolates and tea. Just for a few more minutes I spend on myself because in a few more hours, BabyLim is going to wake up and she'll need all of me again.

For now, I need me.


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