Friday, 24 July 2015

#Dear Amelia, Be a Girl

Dear Amelia,

You are a girl and there's nothing weak about it. It's okay to want to play dress up, wear pretty dresses, be a princess, or do your hair the way mommy does hers. It's also totally fine if you choose to wear jeans and sneakers, climb trees, play lego or Pokemon, or fix up cars like your daddy. Whatever you choose to do and whoever you want to be, do it as a girl because there's nothing more empowering than being proud you are a girl.

Don't be afraid of being called a girl, don't be ashamed of being a girl. You are a girl and the last I checked a very beautiful, strong and independent one at that. Never let being a girl be an excuse for you not chasing your dreams, passions and visions. Don't be limited because you are a girl, push the limits and aim for the sky. Be confident in yourself, your abilities, and your talents. Being a girl should not distract you or blind you to how wonderfully talented you are.

Keep your head up, be proud to be called a "girl" because being a "girl" just means you have the "body parts". It doesn't diminish your value, your talents, your achievements, your character or your identity. Show the world what being a girl is - beautiful, talented, strong, independent, ambitious... that you are Amelia, a girl. I couldn't be any more proud to call you my baby girl, always and forever.


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