Saturday, 17 March 2018

Missing BabyJ

My darling son, My BabyJ,

Two days ago, with a heavy heart, I sent you away to be with your grandma and grandpa. I know it was the right choice because it is not safe for you to be here at home with your sick sister. It would be even more painful if you had contracted her Chicken Pox and you at 9 months, that is something I am not prepared for you to face. While I knew it was the right choice, my heart was still burdened and heavy because it was just a few days ago that we were reunited and to be separated again from you so soon broke my heart. 

I made sure to give you an extra cuddle and a kiss before I passed you to your grandma. The longer I held on to you, the harder it was to let you go. You looked at me not knowing what was happening, eyes still groggy from sleep and still, you gave me a smile acknowledging me. As I watched you leave, I teared a little.

That night, I missed all of you. I missed you little snores that has now become my lullabye and comfort knowing that you were still breathing in your crib. I missed your little hand peeking out from behind your crib bumper as you wrestle imaginary teddy bears in your sleep. I missed your 1am and 5am milk alarms. And when morning came, I missed your 7.30am wake up calls. I miss waking up to you standing up and gripping the crib bars, I miss seeing your head peek above the bar, staring at me and then smiling at me as our eyes meet across the room. During the day, I missed your silly cooing, your smell, your smiles, your curious pitter patter as you crawl across the room - I missed you. 

I really realised how much you mean to me. How much my world has changed when you entered mine. All your routines has become mine and it was at this moment I realised how much I've grown to love you. I cannot imagine my life without you. The emptiness I feel without you here is something I hope I never have to experience again. 

Thankfully, this separation, this absence is only temporary. Thankfully your grandmother and grandfather are technology savvy and I am able to Facetime you and receive updates on you. I will see you soon my love. Till then, behave yourself and enjoy being spoilt by your grandparents. I love you my dearest son. 


Friday, 16 March 2018

February 2018

I'm 16 days late but the days between February and March has been a blur of activity. The only reason this is possible is because I am suddenly faced with 10 days of nothing scheduled. Yesterday I had to cancel every plan I had because LittleLim has been diagnosed with Chicken Pox. Since I now have time, I'm going to recap February before mommy brain gets to me and I forget everything that happened in February!

February, gone too fast. Month of love, beginning of Spring and all things red and loud - February has been such a busy month with a whirlwind of activities for us.

First up the kiddies!

In February LittleLim has been going to school and making a lot of new friends. She is starting to adapt and adjust really well to the new routine and new classmates. She's also able to communicate more clearly now and is able to tell me how her day has been, what she and her friends have done, what she ate which is nice because I no longer have to play guessing games. I enjoy my drives with her now especially when she animatedly tells me stories about her friends. 

This month we decided to let her go out without diapers. She has been going diaperless at home and is able to tell us when she needs to go to the toilet but whenever we go out, we put her back in a diaper for good measure. She gets lazy with the diaper on and refuse to let us know when she needs to go. So one day, we decided to just go for it and she managed to be accident free! So proud of her. Since then, she has been going to school without diapers and have not had any accidents. She's almost diaper free, next up - NIGHTS! So happy that it has been a smooth journey so far without many accidents or tears. Miss Independent does it again - at her own pace and time. 

In February we also decided to be more serious with her "education". Teacher did express her concern about LittleLim's 123 and ABC recognition and asked if we practice with her at home... which we don't. She said we should because as the months go on, LittleLim's work will get more harder and complicated that if she doesn't master the basics there's a risk she might get left behind. That and also, it's good discipline for later years. So this month, I had to be more discipline as well and practice her numbers with her. It's tough. A LOT of tears and threats and compliments. Hopefully it gets easier. HOPEFULLY.


Hello Mr 8 Months. EIGHT. Almost as long as he has been in my womb he has been in the world. At 8 months, this boy is growing extremely well and fast. Sometimes I look at him and really miss his newborn days. Maybe because I know there is a possibility that I may never experience it again and that he may be my last baby. A bit heavy heart that in a few months I'm going to have TWO toddlers. 

At 8 months, BabyJ is able to pull himself up into a standing position with the support of things. He is able to sit by himself and get into a crawling position himself as well. He's really fast compared to LittleLim! Very curious about his surroundings and loves to go after EVERYTHING he can see and grab and eat! haha.

BabyJ is eating more now! At least 5 times a day and it's not small portions! I am amazed that the amount he is able to consume. I don't remember LittleLim eating SO MUCH at his age. I remember having to force feed her because she just wouldn't eat. So happy that BabyJ is a foodie and not fussy about his food! At 8 months he has had carrots, eggs, tomatoes, chicken, fish, broccoli and been given tasting of many "naughty" food. 

More Pics: 


The year of the Dog. BabyJ's first Chinese New Year! Managed to keep our traditions this year and I had such a joy exposing BabyJ to our culture. LittleLim is also old enough to understand what is going on and she had such a blast this year! She loves the Lion Dance and can sing the Gong Xi Gong Xi song! 

We headed back to Ipoh to celebrate CNY eve and CNY day with my grandmother, uncles, aunties and cousins. Although this year is a little more quieter but it's nice to have met up with my cousins and hung out. Every year I always feel like I'm a child again and always so many fond memories growing up and celebrating CNY there. Ever since grandma turned 90, every year we get to celebrate with her is a miracle. This year she is 95 and still around. I feel so blessed that she's still here, well, alert and able to remember all her grandchildren and great grand children. 

Then it's down to JB to spend CNY with Hubbycat's side of the family. Again, such a joy to catch up with grandma in-law and my other in-laws. I feel so blessed to have two families who accept, love and care for us.

More Pics:

And that's our February in a nutshell. <3


Tuesday, 27 February 2018

LittleLim's 3rd Flamingo-od Birthday


I know I said no more parties... I can't help myself. I love throwing parties too much. Especially Birthday Parties for LittleLim. Just like that, I have planned three Birthday parties. Just like that my baby girl is now a little three year old girl. To be honest, I struggled a bit with this party because there was just too much happening. This party was really last minute with only 3 weeks to throw everything together. The good thing about three year olds, they don't know the difference between extravagant and simple, and I used that to my advantage here. 

I almost settled for a McDonald's themed party but it was rejected by Hubbycat. With three weeks to plan, I needed a miracle and a lot of cheating. Thankfully, there's Taobao for all my party needs. As I was searching for inspiration, LittleLim saw a picture of a flamingo float and since then has been reminding me about it. It was after a few times of her asking me to buy a flamingo float for her only did it click... a Flamingo Tropical themed party! That way I could get her the Flamingo Float and make it do it's time first. This year I had one goal - stay away from Pink and Peach. Yes, I know Flamingos are pink which is why I decided on it being a tropical party so I could incorporate my other love, loud colours! 

Of course, I had to add stress to my stress and make it a pool party even though it had been raining cats and dogs for weeks prior to the party. But heck, I believed it would be sunny *fingers and toes crossed, prayers a plenty!* The only reason why I made it a pool party is because LittleLim is a water baby and so are her friends! This was a great way to get them all together and enjoy the pool that is so easily accessible from the function room. Also it means I have activities done since 3 year olds are better with unstructured parties anyway!

This year, we decided on a small party consisting of people that LittleLim is familiar with and really close family and friends only. We understood that LittleLim is no longer a baby and now, her parties are really her parties, not us adults. It was very intimate and I really liked that because I didn't have to go bouncing from groups to groups and of course, smaller group meant less planning. 

All the second children / first child siblings. I'm so blessed to have found an amazing support mommies group who are in the same stage in life. It always amazes people everytime I tell them that we all have second children just months apart. I can't imagine how my mom journey would be without them. 

For food, we used the same caterers as BabyJ's fullmoon party (shucks, which reminds me... I've yet to blog or upload photos about that party >.< Sorry my second born child. I'll get to it) and as usual, they were great! Service and quality of food was top notch! After this party, they're definitely on my speedial. Email me if you'd like their contact too! 

Party packs consists of pool toys from Daiso and some yummy snacks. 

The flamingo cake is from Wondermilk. 


Happy 3rd Birthday my first born. You're such a fiesty, fiery independent little girl. I am so amazed at how you're growing up so well with such a big personality. I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself playing in the water, blowing bubbles with your friends, sitting on the flamingo float and being surrounded by people who love you. You are the joy of our hearts and we are so honoured to be your parents. We love you baby. May your third year be filled with many achievements and favour.