Monday, 13 November 2017


What a week. After having all the fun in the world on Sunday celebrating my beautiful sister's 28th Birthday, hanging with Jasz, surrounded by family and being silly with LittleLim, I went to bed feeling happy and contented. Then Monday reared it's head and things became ugly. Any mom's nightmare happened - LittleLim got HFMD *cries*

Since I found out LittleLim's preschool had a HFMD outbreak, I've become a clean freak! Armed with hand sanitiser and wipes I clean EVERYTHING. There's no such thing as too clean as we enter outbreak season of HFMD and Influenza. I was feeling so proud of myself for keeping LittleLim safe and on top of that, have her 2 month old runny nose finally stop. I was like, "I've got this! *blows fingernails*" and WHAM! LittleLim got a fever that afternoon. She was all cranky and clingy. I admit, I freaked out a little. "CRAP! LittleLim has the fever! CRAP! CRAP!* I texted Hubbycat. I had a bad feeling the entire day that it was what I had feared. Call it mother's instincts.

Tuesday happened and LittleLim still had the fever but by afternoon the fever broke. I breathed a sigh of relief which was very short-lived. Fed her porridge when she suddenly burst into tears screaming "PAIN!" "PAIN!". Gingerly I pulled her lip back and there it was staring at me, a blister. I checked inside and there it was another four at the back of her throat. I wrapped her up in a hug and put on my brave smiley face. Over the next few hours her condition worsened, more blisters appeared in her mouth. Eating and drinking became a painful affair. Each mouthful LittleLim would wince but she wouldn't cry and tried to put on a brave front.

Seeing her try to be brave made me want to cry. I looked her in the eye and asked her "Is it pain?" "Yes" she replied. I asked "Do you want to cry?" "Yes" she replied again. "Okay" I said and took her into my arms and she started crying. I wanted to take away her pain and the best I could do was just to hold her in her weakness. As she was crying, I started crying. At that moment, I am reminded just how our Heavenly Father sees me. The way I see my daughter is the way He sees me. With so much love and protectiveness, without an inch of disgust or disappointment especially in moments of weakness and helplessness. That He wants to hold me.

As I hugged her and watch her sobs slow down, I assure her that it will be okay. That she doesn't have to worry. I will be strong for us, I will hold it together, I've got this for her. Today I am reminded motherhood isn't always sunshine and rainbows but in these moments of darkness, we have the ability to be the rainbow for our children. We have the ability to show our children that they are loved.

What a crazy week it has been! Dettol and Euky Bear has been my best friends! Thankfully LittleLim has recovered and definitely back to her active self. After this, I'm going to hibernate. 


Thursday, 2 November 2017

I Wish I Started Earlier

As age catches up with me, I am starting to realise the benefits of certain habits. Habits I wished I knew about earlier or have started earlier. Things I wish someone had told me before or insisted I do. But as the saying goes, it's never too late to start and it's always better late than never. Here are some things I am starting to realise is important now that I am almoooost 30. Hopefully next time, I am able to pass these habits on to my kids and hopefully they will listen to their dear mother. 

Skincare Routines & Skincare Products

My mother wasn't a huge skincare / makeup person. She probably only had one cleanser that did all the work. It worked for her but unfortunately not for me. I struggled with bad skin in my teens and the worst time for me was in university. I was using the wrong products for my skin type. Coupled with poor skincare routines I looked like the moon, craters and all. 

It was at 21 when I started reading more and found out that my pimples were caused by dry skin and not oily skin. This was revelation because I realised that those pimple treatments I was using would only make things worst because they dry out the skin and pimple along with it. I up my moisture and true enough, things did cleared up! Since then I started a skin care routine that I try to stick with till today. I also started going to a beautician and have my skin taken care by the professionals does make a difference. I do see a huge difference and it's true, the more love you show your skin the more it behaves. 

I have tried many products in my teens to adulthood and I've learnt one thing : NEVER STINGE ON SKINCARE. If you have to choose between makeup or skincare products, always choose skincare products. It wasn't until 4 years ago I bought my first expensive skin care product - Keihl's and I have never looked back. Today I only buy trusted brands and have settled for my few favourites - Keihl's and Laneige. They are mid-range and for now they work well for me and my skin. When I grow older I'll definitely be venturing into more expensive brands that are more tailored to my skin. I do try other brands on the side but I realised you do get what you pay for. I also learnt that you should never stinge on your skin, the biggest part of your body! What you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your mouth. I sometimes wish I started taking care of my skin earlier and maybe I wouldn't have so many dark spots, huge pores and maybe have smoother skin.


I always have a love hate relationship with food. I was never "fat" but definitely been chubby. My high school and first year of uni was when I was at my heaviest (even heavier than I was pregnant!). Due to stress, poor sleep habits and bad eating habits I ballooned up. My weight was like a yoyo and it messed up my system. It wasn't until I turned 21 when I got things in order and I started losing the weight. But then I became obsessed with losing weight and went over board. I suffered poor digestion, poor bowel movements and just felt weak overall. It wasn't until I wanted to get pregnant in 2014 when I took my diet seriously. I had to put on a bit more weight before I could get pregnant and then I had to make sure I ate properly to give my baby the best. It wasn't easy because in my head I equated eating with fat. It was a struggle to get over that but I had my baby to think about.

I learnt that it isn't how frequent you eat but portion sizes and what you put into your body. I still have cheat days where I have my binge but for most days I try to ration my portions and choose what I put into my mouth wisely. I wish I didn't waste so much time worrying about how fat or thin I looked, feeling guilty about over eating or under eating and treating my body like crap. Life is too short to keep worrying about weight and how fat you feel. A little confidence can go a long way.  Feel and act beautiful and the world goes along with you.

Managing Money

My parents have always taught my sister and I to save. Always save 10% into your emergency funds, 10% into investment and 10% into general savings. The rest budget out your living expenses and whatever extra is your splurge money or put into extra savings and investments. I have always been poor with handling money unlike my mother and my sister. I take on my dad's shopaholic tendencies. I also don't like handling money like dad. I would live hand to mouth, whatever I had I spent. It got me into a lot of trouble. A LOT. But in retrospect, that trouble was what I needed to get things back into order. It was the wake up call I needed. At 22, I sat down and started planning our finances and micromanaging it. That wasn't very wise as well because suddenly I didn't want to spend any money and would calculate EVERYTHING right down to the cents. I was miserable and unnecessarily stressed out. 

It wasn't until I turned 24 when I started following my parent's advice. Set aside appropriately and spend within our means. Splurge once in a while because what is life without some excitement and enjoyment? I've also picked up a bit on investing to grow our finances. Sometimes I do wish I had started earlier and not waste so much time (AND MONEY!)

Making Friends

I am an introvert. I hate being put in a situation where I have to open myself up to strangers and have small talk. I hate small talk. But life is what you make of it. If you isolate yourself, life is just what you know it to be and it is only as big as the people in it. I realised the importance of connections and having meaningful friendships. Connections are important to get you places, to broaden your horizons and open doors. Meaningful friendships are what makes life meaningful. To have a circle of trusted people who have your back, understand your situations and to do life with. It's even better when the two cross over and business partners become friends or friends turn business partners. Life isn't a one man do all thing. That being said, I don't have time and don't want to waste time on superficial relationships. I don't want the feel good only friends and I don't want to be a feel good only friend. Deleting toxic people from my Facebook and my life was the best decision I've ever made. Since then, I told myself to always be real and to treasure the people still in my life. At the same time be open and make friends because you never know who will come into your life - like the amazing group of mommy friends I am blessed with. 


I always thought hobbies are a waste of time I do not have. It isn't until recently when my hobbies started getting me attention was when I realised that it's good to have hobbies. Hobbies are a way to discover yourself and to open up the possibilities of friendship, money or lifeskill. You never know what or where your hobby will lead you to. Go learn something new, pick up a new skill, take a course - never try never know. If you don't like it try something else. If anything, you've gained exposure and experience. 

So what are some of the things you wished you had started earlier?


Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Mommy, I'm Scared.

"Mommy, I'm scared"

What used to be a sentence uttered in jest now has turned into something quite real. The first time I saw it, I knew it wasn't her usual funny, overdramatic "mommy! I'm scared" sentence but it is now something real. The look of uncertainty in her eyes, the way she is paralysed on the spot unable to move, the quiver of her lip and when she finally got past the initial shock, she ran up to me and clawed her way up my arms, into a hug, wanting to be carried. 

My daughter is frightened. She's fearful. She knows fear. 

This is one of the moments I dread as a mother. As a mother, I would give up everything to shield her from fear. I'm a mama bear and I would do anything to protect my cubs. To know that I cannot shield her from the feeling of fear sometimes hurts. It took me a long time to overcome my childhood fears and I still live with a few! I know as a child, fear is something irrational because a child's mind just simply cannot understand. That inability to process, rationalise and understand the fear just amplifies it. How do you overcome a fear you don't understand? You really can't and just have to wait till you outgrow it.

So when LittleLim told me she was scared, my heart shattered. I knew I couldn't do much to make her see that it isn't so scary afterall. The best I can do is explain it the best way I can, make her feel comforted and safe and think outside the box of ways to get rid of the fear. You can call me the fear defeater - coming up with creative ways to kill fear! Whether it's pretending that I have a magic torch light to scare away the big scary monsters hiding behind the curtains or having magic earphones that cancels the noise of the vacuum - it's what I do on a daily basis. Sometimes it works and it brings back the smile I love the most and sometimes it doesn't. 

When it doesn't I just have to remind myself to give her time and that the best thing I can do for her is hold her hand, comfort her, make her feel safe and take that fear as seriously as she takes it - even if it doesn't make sense like that black mark on her shoe - because at this stage, logic just isn't going to cut it. Sometimes you just have to pretend that there are monsters under the bed and you're super mommy who can defeat them because telling them monsters don't exist isn't helping. So just get your magic wand, golden finger gun or that pillow of light and blast those monsters away. EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.

That being said, there are somethings you don't stay and fight. Spiders are one of them. If you see one, just RUN. Take your child and RUN. Don't stop. Don't look back. 

Monday, 16 October 2017

Not Yet, Not Now.

Here I am sitting, waiting, 
Counting the hours, minutes and seconds,
Waiting for the answers to the questions I've been asking,
Hurt in my heart and my body tired,
Desperately clawing at the threads, 
Replaying the memories,
Questioning the present,
Needing the answers, 
The How, Where, What, Whys...

And then 
barely a whisper, 
Like a brush of a feather,
So soft that it's almost mistakable,
Yet loud enough to break the silence,
"Not Yet, Not Now."
- 10/10/17

Instant gratification. That's how I like my answers. I hate waiting. I suck at waiting. Mostly, I hate the not knowing. I hate not having the answers. I hate asking questions that are no answers to. I hate the waiting. It's the most frustrating part in life for me. And yet, sometimes the answer is just "not yet, not now". 

Ever since having LittleLim, I understand the necessity of waiting. I understand the purpose of being in limbo between where I am and where I want to be. By watching LittleLim attempt things she's not ready to do for the lack of understanding or control and to fail, and then trying it again a few months later when she has "leveled up" and succeed made me understand. Sometimes we have to wait for our physical, mental and spiritual maturity to catch up or level up before we are ready to receive and accept the answer. That knowing the answer right now would do more harm than good because we literally and figuratively are not in the right place and time. It's not that we aren't trustworthy or undeserving, it's just that you really aren't ready for it. A little bit more time is needed to grow, live and mature before you know. 

Sometimes time just has to take it's course and do what it needs to do. And as much as that sucks, as much as that is trying and frustrating, it has to happen. So what then? Do what LittleLim does, keep asking. Keep learning. Keep growing. Eventually you will understand, you will be ready and one day, whenever that is, you will be ready to receive the answers. Till then, you just have to believe that God knows best and that His timing is perfect and His plan is for your good. 

And if you're like LittleLim, you'll cry a little bit, you'll bargain and then you'll move on and grow up.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Overreaction From My Two Year Old

Alternatively this could be titled, "My Little Drama-Princess."

So recently LittleLim has been talking a lot! There are days where it's more jibberish than actual words but most days she is able to clearly articulate what she's thinking about or just sing it out. Actually the latter still impresses me and relieves me. I'm so thankful she doesn't have my crap hearing and tone-deafness. For her age, she can actually sing and hum in key. Yay daddy genes!

ANYWAY, recently she's also showing a new array of emotions. Fear, frustration, playfulness and lately anger. I guess she's really on her way to becoming a three-nager and for my part it's really pushing me out of my comfort zone to have to deal with a drama-princess. She really exaggerates some times! Another new thing she's picked up is crying without tears. YES. She's learnt the art of crocodile tears and so far I seem to be the only one to know the difference (oh, and of course her great grandmother, my grandmother, who's an expert at human behaviour). 

Let's just say my household has gotten very interesting. If it's not broadway musical, it's meltdown city and "whyyy mommy whyyyy" *cue dramatic tears / harrowing screams* *rolls eyes*. Since I'm the only one who can tell the difference, sometimes I just ignore her little drama episodes or nip it in the butt. 

Is it working? No. Never trust a two year old. They're sneaky little things! She's since learnt to up her game and have gone nuclear on me. She thinks I don't know what she's doing but I do. She's trying different methods to see what works for me. Her latest is "Owww, mommy! Painnnnn" *clutches head, legs, stomach, arm* does it work? Heck yes. I get freaked out because I don't know if it's real or not and let's just say she knows I'd rather be safe than sorry. 

So this is life for me. It's damn irritatingly amusing. But credit where credit is due, I'm quite impressed with her improv skills. If only it wasn't so dramatic. Lol! For now, I'm thankful BabyJ hasn't learnt the art of manipulation yet... or has he? He seems to have his grandmother wrapped around his tiny fingers *hmmmm*


What Is Important To Me

What is important to me? When I was 16, trying to find myself that was one of the very first questions I asked myself. I always believe that what is important to you will define what you do, how you do it and what will essentially keep you on your path especially when distractions and deviations come along. It provides you with the right mindset and focus that you will need to not just achieve your dreams and goals, but really, it's the foundation of how you live and why you behave the way you do.

Over the past 10 years, I've found that while my lifestyle, stages in life and circumstances has changed, what I deem important to me hasn't. While everything in my life isn't the same as the 16 year old me, what I hold dear, what matters to me, the core of who I am hasn't changed. In fact, as I age, I find these things to have a bigger and stronger impact, meaning and hold in my life. 

I have a very long list of what's important to me, but if I were to truly drill down, there are four things that really have my heart. The first is God. I don't call myself a religious person. In fact I'm probably the most unreligious person around, I don't believe in forcing people to share my believe in God. For me, I believe in God and His law. I believe the bible is true and the Godly principles in there to be life. For the most part, I try to live according to it but I will never force someone else to do the same. I always believe my life will speak for itself. 

Second is my family. If we don't have family we don't have anything. I am thankful for my family, the one I've been given and the one I've created. Family is something I will fight to protect, make proud and do right. Despite all the disagreements, family is something I've learnt that is important to me. Especially now that I have my own family, I understand how it is important to do things right by them. 

Third is money. I've lived worrying about money. I know how difficult it is to not have any money, I understand the worries and stress that comes along with not having any money. I know what it is like to worry about your food for the month, what it's like to spread out your roast chicken so that you can eat for a week. I know what it's like to worry about falling sick because you don't have the money to see a doctor. The world is a scary place without money, so realistically, money is important to me. 

Fourth is myself. I know what it is like to not be true to yourself. I know what it is like to always have to wear a mask, pretend to live a life that everyone expects of you, trying to fit into a mould that would make you appear "good" and "right" and having to make decisions where it contradicts your believes and at the core, your heart isn't in. It eats at your identity, your peace and ultimately your happiness. For me, my identity is important. It was a crazy journey walking away from everything but it was also the happiest. To start all over again and to do it right. That's why I don't believe in forcing myself to like something or to live a certain way. It's also why I don't believe in forcing others as well. 

Of course what's important to me might not be the same for you and that is perfectly okay. We are different people with different backgrounds, lifestyles, principles, religions, culture etc. and because of these diversities, it's only natural to have a different thinking. What's important is that you know yourself and what drives you. It's by knowing what is important, you start realising who you are as a person. You do things that fulfils these things, that add to it and you'll find that things that doesn't add to it becomes less edifying and fulfilling. 

So if you haven't already asked yourself, let me ask you "What is important to you?"


Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Three Things I Learnt From Listening to Failure Stories From Successful People

So the past month was pretty interesting. Since I have more freedom these days to do things for myself, I took the opportunity to attend a few seminars. 

I enjoyed the seminars I attended. Given it was on topics that I already had some knowledge on, it was by listening to the stories and experiences from people on the ground, people who has gone through it and how they overcame it and became a success that really benefitted me. I forgot how much I enjoyed learning and listening to other people share their failures and successes. More so their failures. Everyone loves a good success story, but for me, the failures are what really interests me. To know what was in that moment of failure that they did differently from everyone else to get to where they are today. Everyone fails. I've yet to meet someone who hasn't failed but it's what happens after the failure that matters. 

I learnt that most successful people have that openness to learn again after each failure. To not let pride or ego get in the way of restarting or rebooting. To learn which areas needed extra TLC and to be humble enough to ask for help. I also learnt that you can never stop learning. Some of the speakers started without any knowledge and learnt their way up to success yet they never call themselves an expert. They openly tell us that they are still learning and while they are "successful" they tell us that they still make mistakes. They share their experiences so that people like me can learn from them and not make the same mistakes they did. The keyword here is learn.

Another thing I took away is the importance of having a good mindset. You are what you think. While they're humble, they never tell themselves that they "can't do it". When they talk there's an air of confidence and strength. It's not a boastful kind of confidence but a confidence that they know they can achieve anything, a confidence that they believe in themselves. Head up, chin tucked and shoulders squared. They also have a mindset to change their circumstances and not just leave it to fate. The speakers I listened to, at one point were struggling and not getting anywhere in their lives, careers etc. Instead of being defeated, they took a step out of their comfort zone and set out to make conscious decisions to change their circumstances. Mindset is important. If you think you're a failure even before trying, you're setting yourself up to fail. 

Lastly, there are no lazy successful people. Success is a lot of hard work. I've heard from people who made it themselves and from people who are second generation entrepreneurs, I've learnt that both worked very hard to get to where they are today. I'm not talking about sustaining a lifestyle, wealth or business but growing it and bettering it everyday. I learnt that there is no easy way to that. It's a lot of ground work, research, testing and many sleepless nights of planning. Whether it's investing in shares or growing your own business empire it requires plenty time and energy even more so in the beginning. The more you dedicate yourself to it, the more it flourishes. When failure hits, it requires even more dedication to keep going, to keep growing and to overcome the pain points. To be a success requires you to be proactive, productive, efficient and effective. Things I for one definitely need more discipline to do. 

Really glad I signed up to attend these seminars as it was a good reminder and refresher for me. It's also nice to know that success isn't a straightforward road but one with many dips along the way because I have failed many times. It's encouraging to know that success is still within reach despite my failures. 


Thursday, 28 September 2017


Fun can be found all around. Fun is not a numbers game. Fun is not the 100 parts you need to assemble to make one toy unless that's your thing. Fun is not the many toy options available. Fun can be one piece, two pieces or in some cases four pieces - two light up "friends", one giant bubble bee and a red pail- and a whole pool of water.

I am always amazed at how LittleLim can have fun anywhere and at any time. The stories her imagination and mind can conjure up blows me away. From throwing her two friends into the water and then pretending to be a lifeguard to "save" them. When did she even know what a "lifeguard" is? She pretends to go "fishing" with her red pail and later turn it into a pot to make soup. When she screams "muddy puddles" and jumps into the water. So simple but so much fun. The way so laughs so freely. 

The child was made to play. Play play play because it is through this play they learn to master their body and their environment, through this play they strengthen their ability to imagine, through this play they reinforce everything they have learnt and understand, and through this play they learn order. The child's mind is amazing. There is no need for many interactive things nor fancy gadgets. They make fun out of the simple things. If we let them.

LittleLim again taught me to enjoy simplicity. She taught me to create stories again. She taught me to laugh. She taught me to play again. 


Tuesday, 26 September 2017

You Are A Great Parent. Without a Doubt.

It wasn't until recently that I realised my husband deals with the same parenting insecurities and doubts as I do. My strong, unfazed, confident and serious man of a husband asks the same questions I ask when it comes to parenting our two beautiful children. We always hear mothers deal with mom guilt and mom shaming we sometimes forget that their partners, the daddies, deal with them too. They too deal with the insecurity of raising kids and asking themselves if they've done enough. They too have their own share of expectations to meet and while they are less vocal about it, they too seek confirmation and affirmation of their role.

"Do you think I'm a great dad?"
"Of course you are!

So I'm going to address parents. Both moms and dads. I realised I could answer my husband's question so confidently and to say that he is a great dad because he is. He's not a perfect dad but I don't doubt that he is great. The reason is because our children know that they are loved by him. Ultimately, shouldn't that be the only thing that matters most? Then the question to being great parents shouldn't be "are we perfect parents?" but instead should be "are our children loved?".

While we try to do things right like stick to a routine, feed them according to the food pyramid, enforce a bedtime, limit their screen times, spend quality time together and all that "perfect" parenting mumbo jumbo, at the end of the day it isn't what we want to be remembered for. Instead we want LittleLim and BabyJ to remember how our faces light up when they enter the room, how we beam with pride when we see them hit milestones, how intently we listen to their hopes, dreams, worries and fears and how we love them so unconditionally and deeply for just being who they are. Our children. 

Of all the parents I have the privilege to know personally, each one of them are great parents in his or her own style/method of parenting. There are just so many ways to raise a child and everyone is trying their best with what they have and know. I don't have any doubts when I call them great moms and dads because they love their children, because they will do anything and everything to protect and keep their children safe, because they are so proud of their children and their achievements, because they aren't afraid of showing their shortcomings and because even when they make mistakes, whenever their children are afraid or fall and hurt themselves they always look for them, their parents first. To me, that is what great parents look like. 

So to all the strong and loving parents out there who always feel like they're not good enough and yet put their children's needs above their own, who love strongly and fiercely, who protects passionately and who always ask, if they are a great mom/dad. The answer is Yes. Yes you are. Without a doubt.

Keep loving them the best way you can.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Back in March 2017 we went to Perth for 7 days and 6 nights. I was about five months pregnant then but I was determined to travel as much as I could before I popped and travel I did! I can't remember much of the places we visited in Perth but I do remember having a lovely time.

Being back in Australia brought back many fond memories of my Australian life as a student. Things like the really amazing fresh produce which then translates to delicious dishes that can only be found in Australia, Coles and Woolworths where I spent a lot of time at during my student years, the distinctive smell of summer, lemon lime bitters which is my favourite Aussie drink, Woolworths AUD10 roast chicken, Hoggies (Hog's Breath) steak and of course backyard barbies (barbecues). Of course being back in Australia meant that I had to have Hubbycat barbecue lamb and grill garlic prawns just for old time sake. Still as yummy as I remember it to be. 

It has been many years since my last visit to Perth that so much has changed when we were there. We found it to be a very family friendly place with plenty to do especially with kids. Perth being 5 hours away from KL without any time differences makes it an ideal place to travel to with kids! I'm so glad I got to share this trip with LittleLim and now that she's 2 years old she understands and absorbs things so much more. Observing her grow and develop from the exposure of this trip was so worth it. One of the highlights of this trip was taking the drive out to Swan Valley where we got to enjoy what Australia is famous for - wines (although I have to say Adelaide still has the best wines for me) and fresh produce such as honey, nuts and chocolate. The unplanned visit to Mandoon Estate where we had lunch and were blown away by the food was the cherry on top of an already glorious cake.

While most of the food we had in Perth was yums, another one the more memorable places for me was Bread in Common. I loved the menu which beautifully reflected the greatness of Australian produce without all the fancy frills. I also loved the ambiance of the place which well represented the Australian cafe culture. 

One of my many favourite moments was when we followed a family friend to Wannanup where LittleLim had a lovely time running up and down the jetty, playing among boats and waving to dogs. I had a wonderful time following her with my camera just taking photos of her having fun. We also had fun exploring the city at night on our last day. We enjoyed the cool summer breeze and the sights while having our burger dinner on a park bench. So simple but so memorable. 

Writing this post has awakened my memories. I am so glad we made this trip as it was our last  international holiday as a family of three. 

I've listed some of my favourite places and activities that I think you should do if you ever happen to be in Perth.

1. Shopping : Watertown Outlet Shopping for the best bargains
2. Eat & Visit : Swan Valley - Mandoon Estate, Morrish Nuts, Swan Valley Honey & The Cheese Barrel
3. Visit : Caversham Wildlife Park & Whitman Park (Free water playground)
4. Visit : Freemantle Markets 
5. Eat : Mandoon Estate 
6. Eat : Bread In Common 
7. Play : King's Park